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Janusz Gawroński – architect, specializes in the design of residential buildings. He can also give you a good advice regarding the selection of new project. He has the authority to make modifications copyright in projects.

Maciej Jackowski – is the head of our team, deals with the organization of building work, as well as contact with the customer. He can advise you in a professional manner.

Andrzej Próchnik – in our team he deals with interior finishing, he is a specialist in painting walls or laying wallpaper. He also deals with gypsum board.

Adam Baka – in ur team he deals with interior finishing, is a specialist in the laying of tiles, plasters, as well as panels. Together with Adrew, they work on finishing apartments, so that they can be used by they residents.

Miłosz Pawlik – installer, in our team he is responsible for all electrical installations and sanitation, as well as sewage system. There is no problem for him with connecting house or apartment to electrical nstallation. Now you have no longer anything to worry about!